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This is a DIY guide with a recipe & everything you need to know about basic bath bomb making. I spent a long time trying poor recipes, chasing false answers to troubleshooting bomb making problems & getting incomplete instruction in bath bomb making online. Through trial & error, I was able to create a very reliable recipe. This guide is step by step, loaded with pictures & has everything you could ever need to know to be successful in bomb making in one place. No more bomb making insanity!

What's in this guide is:

-The tried & true recipe that I use for all my bombs
-15+ ways you can change the basic recipe up for fabulous fancy bath bombs like you've seen in stores including how to make color tabs
-Full color pictures of every part of the process of making bombs from weighing ingredients to molding bombs
-Detailed instructions & explanation to help you have success making your first bombs
-A troubleshooting guide that will help you figure out why your bombs may have failed for one reason or another
-A guide full of links to where you can purchase ingredients for great prices
- An inspiration gallery of bombs I've made with this recipe

There are 13 pages total of instruction, pictures & help so you will have success in bomb making. You can take this recipe & all the ideas and make these fit your style & your shop!

You are welcome to PM me through FB (Nicole Gallagher) or Etsy if you have any questions regarding your bomb making. I am available & happy to help you succeed too.

Ingredients you will need to make these: baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, a colorant (skin safe mica, lake dyes or straight dyes) a light oil (almond, avocado or sunflower, etc) skin safe fragrance oil, polysorbate 80 (optional, but I prefer it) alcohol & water mixture in spray bottle, sea salt (optional), slsa (optional).

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Formulators make their money back on their time and from throwing expensive ingredients in the trash by selling their finished recipes. In order for me to continue formulating great recipes to share with bath & body crafters to support their business, please understand the nature of my business & if anyone asks for the recipe, please direct them to my Etsy download.

DISCLAIMER: All recipes made, used & sold at your own risk. Please educate yourself in safe cosmetic making practices including sanitization, proper preservation, handling, packaging & shelf life before making and selling any bath & body products.

Copyright 2017, Nicole Gallagher, Two Wild Hares. All rights reserved. Pictures, recipe & instructions may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without written permission.


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